History Of EARS

The organizational meeting of EARS was held on March 12, 1973, in Room 60, Escondido High School in Escondido, California.

The first officers were:

  • President Edwin W. Way - WA6EYX

  • VP Bob Zelenack - W6OOQ

  • Trustee Del Harper - W6UMI

  • Secretary/Treasurer Jay Earle - WB6NUE

  • Publicity Cal Heisinger - W6MNH

Other items of interest at that time were:

  • The name of the first club newsletter was "The Eardrum".

  • Membership dues were $4.00.

  • Total membership by the end of 1975 was 48.

  • The club repeater was re-crystaled to its present pair, 146.28/146.88.

  • There was a regular Ham swap meet at the Swan Electronics parking lot on the first Saturday at 9:00 AM.

  • The U.S. Amateur Radio census had declined from 286,325 in 1965 to 273,780 in 1975 (over 700,000 in 2003).

  • One of the club's first educational projects for members was the construction of a digital clock.

  • Meetings were then held at the City Youth Activities building 305 East Mission.

  • Name badges with call signs were distributed as Christmas gifts.

  • The first annual EARS Picnic was held on Sunday, October 26, 1975 at the picnic grounds in back of the Youth Activities Building.

  • Field Day activities were held on Coronado Hills.

  • Dues remained $4.00 through the end of 1976 when it was recognized that the dues structure would have to be re-examined.

EARS held its 37th birthday celebration in March 2010.

EARS members contribute their time to public service by providing communicators at the Christmas Parade in December, First Night on New Years Eve and the Grape Day Parade.

The annual Ham auction is held in April and the annual Picnic in July or August.

EARS still participates in ARRL Field Day on the fourth full weekend in June (now at Dixon Lake).

EARS members meet every Friday morning at the Westside Cafe at the Southeast corner of 9th and Redwood at 7:00 AM for a gabfest, and on the Third Saturday for a family breakfast at the same restaurant at 8:30 AM.

The annual Christmas Party his held on the Second Saturday in December following the Christmas Parade.

EARS is an ARRL affiliated club.