Ham License Testing

Ham License Information

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Getting a license general info


Step 1 get an FRN from the FCC


Step 2 study for exam and take practice tests





Step 3 Take a real test

Current testing can be remote using a laptop and zoom or in person taking a paper test with all electronic

forms and submission. There is an in person exam given each month in Escondido.

The following link will help you know the process for signing up for a test and what you will need.


In some cases you may need an NCVEC605 form. Usually this is all electronic when you sign up for a test



Step 4

After completing a test successfully you can get a copy of the license online. Login to the FCC using

your FRN. After logging in (if your license has been issued) you will see a link to your license in a list. Before

clicking on the license link, at the top of the current page there is a green bar with a link to download an

official copy of your license. You will want this for your records as proof.


Step 5

Upgrading to a higher class license Steps 2 thru 4 will have to be repeated

After ten years you will have to renew your license. Currently this is done on the FCC website. Check this link

for info.